About Us

Mobile Makerspace entrance
We are a group of Makers in Mobile Alabama. Our physical space is located downtown Mobile just a block off Dauphin St at the corner of Warren and Saint Francis St. We have a private workshop and share a large open co-op space with Delta Bike Project.

Who are makers?  You, me, anyone and everyone.  A maker is a person who has a passion for learning, experimentation, tinkering, and teaching.  Do you find yourself taking things apart to see how they work?  Do you tend to try to fix things, instead of buying new?  Do you ever spend an afternoon daydreaming about an invention or an idea?  If you answer yes to any of these, then you are a maker!

Who are we?  We are a group of hobbyists who work with everything from electronics to woodworking, and are interested in everything from cooking to quantum physics.  Our members are computer geeks, engineers, artists, students, and everything in between.

What do we do?  We have monthly meetings to discuss our passion for making.  We share project ideas and collaborate together.

Legal Status

Mobile Makerspace is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Your donations of money, equipment, and materials to Mobile Makerspace are tax-deductible.

Connect With Us

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Mobile Makerspace

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thu 6PM - 9PM
entrance on Warren Street