New member to open on Monday nights for visitors and tours

Since Covid-19, we have been struggling with membership.  As a result, we had to reduce the days we were open for visitors and tours.  A membership drive has helped to increase our membership recently, and it is paying off.  Now, we are back to being open every night of the week.  Our updated hours for visitors, tours, and new members that need access to the space are as follows:

  • Monday: 6pm – 9pm (Stuart)
  • Tuesday: 6pm – 9pm (Kat)
  • Wednesday: 7pm – 9pm (Matthew)
  • Thursday: 7pm – 9pm (Ray)
  • Friday: 6pm – 9pm (Rick)

We invite you to come by and take a tour or just come in for a visit.

4 thoughts on “New member to open on Monday nights for visitors and tours”

  1. Great! Although I have a 1.2 hour to drive, (gautier ms near Biloxi), you can count me in as a member as soon as I get there to sign up.

  2. I believe the Pensacola Maker Space has succumbed to COVID. 🙁

    It appears as though you’ve reopened to M-F evenings. I’m a retired K-12 reading teacher in Santa Rosa County who’s dabbled in basic woodwork, sewing, lots of crafts, etc., but I’m certainly not a master of anything outside my field.

    Are there others in this group with similar hobbies? I’m also open to learning something new!

    • The Pensacola Makerspace dissolved years ago due to being flooded out by one of the hurricanes. They lost all of their equipment.
      We are open, but following the social distancing restrictions. We have members of all ages – teens to retired. Many of them are now fully vaccinated.
      Many of our members dabble in everything you mentioned and then some. If you like crafts, you will love the laser cutter, 3D printers, vinyl cutters, sewing machine and embroidery machine. Most of the members are not experts (although some are) but we all share what we have and what we know. Come by on one of our open nights for a tour!


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