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Our makerspace is all about sharing, collaborating and learning. We’ve held a few classes and workshops and the plan is to have many more of these. I was perusing another makerspace’s site and got inspired to highlight some of the classes other spaces have held or will be holding.

So my question to you is, what will you teach us? By collaborating we strengthen each other, we all have something we can learn or teach.  All of our members are encouraged to Plan, Schedule, Teach, Volunteer and Attend classes.

Get involved, teach us what you know.

Here’s a few examples of what we could do..

Computer Networking

-Tinkermill  -SynShop

Light Welding Class


 Stop Motion Animation

 -Tinkermill  -TinkerSmiths

Intro to OpenstreetMap

-Tampa hackerspace


-Tampa Hackerspace  -LVL1


-Tampa Hackerspace


-Tampa Hackerspace  -Concoctory

Intro to Soldering

-Tampa Hackerspace  -Concoctory


-Tampa Hackerspace

Software Defined Radio

-Tampa Hackerspace

Drawing Night

-Red Mountain Makers

Drawdio Pencil Synth


ElectroLuminescent Wire


Circuit Bending


Intro to RasPi


Intro to iOS dev


Intro to 3d Printing


Arduino Enthusiasts

Knot Tying

-I3 Detroit
Computer Embroidry

-I3 Detroit 

Glass Kiln

-I3 Detroit 

Bob Ross PaintAlong

-I3 Detroit 


-Milwaukee Makerspace 

Glass Etching

-Milwaukee Makerspace

Electric Car Club

-Milwaukee Makerspace 

Retro Gaming night


Introduction to Puppet


Lan Party




CNC joinery

-Fab Lab Baltimore

Wearable Electronics

-Fab Lab Baltimore

 Stencil Making

-Fab Lab Baltimore

Molding and casting

-Fab Lab Baltimore

Programming with Python

-NYC Resistor

TV B Gone Workshop


Intro to Power Supplies


 Surface Mount Soldering




 Desoldering Workshop




555 Timers


I think my favorite is the Desoldering Workshop at SynShop.

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